Sit under a prophet and receive a prophets’ reward!

Come and get refreshed in the presence and power of God! 

Join the School of the Prophecy and be empowered in the ways of the prophetic! This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

Extensive teaching, theological discussions, activation and impartation – be taught, trained and empowered in the prophetic under international prophet Stacey Campbell You will gain a more comprehensive understanding of the prophetic through diligent Biblical teaching and an opportunity to personally step into new levels of the prophetic as you pull on what this school has to offer!

Present your desire to know the beauty of God before Him and join us with a heart open to learn to get as much out of this as you can and receive from the rich experience of Stacey Campbell!

And remember - we can all have as much of God as we want to!

What Do You Get?

  • School Training Manual

    Follow along and retain the training better with this custom developed training manual to follow along in the School of Prophecy with Stacey as she equips you in the Prophetic!

  • Video Training Course

    Follow along with the same full-length training class that students have learned and graduated from with Wesley & Stacey Campbell over the years, for the first time in digital format!

  • 24/7 Cloud Access

    Follow along at your own pace and keep the videos forever - yours to watch, and rewatch as many times as you want in our special cloud training archive!

School Of Prophecy Session Guide

Explore each session below before you register!

  • 1

    FIRST THINGS FIRST: Bringing the Revelation of Jesus PART 1

    • Welcome to the School

    • Download the Workbook PDF

    • Knowing Jesus is to be the main goal of prophetic people. The spirit of prophecy is the “testimony of Jesus (Rev. 19:10).”

  • 2

    FIRST THINGS FIRST: Bringing the Revelation of Jesus PART 2

    • Praying the Bible – going through the attributes of Jesus one by one so our rhema (inspired) words are consistent with the logos (written Word of God).

  • 3

    GOD IS A TALKING GOD: Learning How God Communicates to Man – Part 1

    • God communicates in a variety of ways. As we learn the ways of God (Ex. 33:13), we can hear His voice more clearly and more often.

  • 4

    Singing the Scripture with Julie Meyer

    • Singing the Bible engages not only your mind, but your soul and has the power to lift depression or anxiety and release faith!

  • 5

    GOD IS A TALKING GOD: Learning How God Communicates to Man – Part 2

    • God’s ways are higher than our ways. Going beyond culture and back to the Bible to learn how God speaks to prophets.

  • 6

    PROPHESY WITH LOVE: Sharing God’s words with God’s heart

    • What God says is always consistent with who God is. God is love.

  • 7

    Contending For Your Prophetic Destiny with David Kingsly

    • The unique son of prophet Paul Cain describes how to war for the call of God on your life.

  • 8

    Wesley Campbell – 1 Samuel 9 - 11 Prophetic Impartation and the Filling of the Holy Spirit

    • Praying for the filling of the Holy Spirit so that you can begin to prophesy!

  • 9

    Prophesy According To Your Faith

    • The strength of a prophetic person is their sensitivity. The weakness of a prophetic person is their sensitivity. Learn how to increase your faith in order to prophesy confidently.

  • 10

    Activation with Stacey Campbell

    • Get activated in your prophetic giftings with an impartation!

  • 11

    Prophesy in Teams

    • Every one of us prophesies in part. Learn how to prophesy with people who have entirely different pieces of revelation in order to see the big picture.

  • 12


    • New Testament prophecy must be judged. Learn the key factors in testing the revelation you give and receive.

    • Back to Shiloh

Whoever welcomes a prophet as a prophet will receive a prophet's reward, and whoever welcomes a righteous person as a righteous person will receive a righteous person's reward.’ Matthew 10:41 (NIV )

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