Introducing: the 'Shiloh Company'

Stacey Campbell is launching a new prophetic mentorship program called the 'Shiloh Company'.

Our vision of the Shiloh Company is to mentor emerging prophetic persons, to deploy select high-level prophetic voices, and to minister prophetically to leaders in all 'seven mountains' of society!

The concept of 'Shiloh' has been carried by prophetic voices such as Paul Cain and Mike Bickle for decades.

By joining the Shiloh Company Mentorship Program, you will be empowered in your own prophetic gift to catalyze revival & transformation in the workplace & in your very own sphere of influence!

What Will This Mentorship Include?

  • Interactive Private Facebook Group

    This Exclusive Facebook Portal is where the ongoing mentorship and LIVE Teachings will take place! This will happen in real-time as Stacey travels the world, sharing what God is doing in cities, nations & cultures the world over!

  • Monthly Video Lessons

    Stacey will help you grow in your gifts & ministry with live video teaching each month! These teachings are exclusive to your mentorship enrollment, and won't be shared anywhere else!

  • Live Q&A Sessions

    Stacey will speak with you live and host a Q&A where you can ask her any question you want about the teaching - or any topic of how to use the prophetic gifts in your situation!

  • Cloud Mentorship Archive

    You will be able to access all past archives of mentorship will be stored in the cloud - as well as the peace of mind knowing that everything taught in this mentorship is recorded for you to review later at your own pace!

  • Discounted Rates For Conferences & Schools

    Get exclusive discounted rates to attend the conference & schools that Stacey produces throughout the year, just for being part of the program!

  • Bonus Teachings Every Month

    Each month we will be adding bonus teachings from Stacey's extensive ministry around the world!

What's Happening This Month?

Enroll in the mentorship today as Stacey is traveling on the most incredible three-week international ministry trip starting on May 6th! Come along with her on this incredible journey!

  • May 6th: Stacey will be traveling to Israel with Heidi Baker for the 70th Year of Israel becoming a Nation!

  • Stacey will be Part of An Invitation-Only Spiritual Alignment Summit In Jerusalem!

  • May 19th: Stacey will be in Geneva for Pentecost with the main group who have hosted The Call with Lou Engle for the last seven years & have hosted the 500th year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation! Join Stacey Here As a Member!

  • May 21st: Stacey will be in Rome at the Vatican for conversations between Charismatic Catholics & Evangelical leaders! This is a historic time as God is moving among Roman Catholics! Don't miss out on being there with Stacey in real time on her Exclusive Interactive Facebook Group!

Join the Shiloh Company Prophetic Mentorship today!

THIS is the opportunity you've been waiting for! Don't let it pass you by, register now!

$9.95 USD / Month

Special Discount Introductory Rate

If you register today, we will give you $40 OFF the regular monthly rate of $49.95 for life! Get grandfathered in at this rate and never pay a penny more! As long as you are a member, the price will never go up! Register now!
$9.95 USD / Month

$99 USD / Year

Get 2 Months Free & Save!

If you register today for a year in advance, we will give you 2 months free! As long as you are a member, the price will never go up! Register now!
$99 USD / Year

Remember - We can all have as much of God as we want to!